A science-based toolpath combined with really smart engineering

Celeritive develops and markets economical and simple-to-implement toolpath technology that enables CNC machine tools and cutting tools to operate at peak performance.

How It Works

A science-based toolpath combined with really smart engineering

VoluMill improves the way that tools cut their way through material, using high-speed continuous tangent motion rather than sharp, interrupted movements. Field applications prove that VoluMill can safely double machine output, extend tool life, and create a much more productive competitive manufacturing enterprise in the global marketplace.

Let your machine-tools and cutting-tools perform as they were intended to

VoluMill allows programmers to use the most appropriate cutting styles and optimum feeds and speeds. This is possible because VoluMill produces toolpaths that contain no abrupt changes in direction or to the volume of material encountered; the load on the cutting tools and spindle never exceeds user-programmed limits. Consequently, machines run smoothly and tools run cooler, even at much higher speeds and feeds, extending tool and machine life.

VoluMill Works on any material, part, or geometry

VoluMill works on any shape, open or closed, with any number of features, and integrates with any CAM system. It plans the toolpath based on abilities designed into the machine and cutting tools. By taking advantage of the capabilities of modern machining hardware and avoiding sharp directional changes, it generates toolpaths that assure the machines and cutting tools are used at peak efficiency given existing conditions. VoluMill is ideal for any 2-axis or 3-axis part. It easily cuts pockets, steps, slots, channels and other shapes, and can handle an unlimited number of material and part boundaries and islands. It can be used with any cutting style and material, including the hardest metals.

One Intelligent Toolpath Technology, That Works on Any Part

VoluMill performs all of the complex calculations required to determine the best cutting strategy for any part. There is no need to identify individual part features, such as "faces", "pockets", "cores", "cavities", etc. VoluMill will automatically select the best possible strategy for the job.

Optimal Cutting Conditions at All Times

Constant stepover toolpaths generally have a shorter path length than other approaches. VoluMill keeps a constant stepover wherever possible, producing even machining loads and uniform chip formation, resulting in excellent heat evacuation.

Safely and Easily Control Cutting Dynamics

VoluMill's Active Chip Thickness Control enables you to precisely manipulate the critical elements of metal-cutting dynamics, giving you greater control over your machining processes.

Work Smarter, and Faster - Let VoluMill do the calculations for you

VoluMill will automatically determine the sequence of material removal that will minimize total cycle time. No additional user input is required.

Intelligent Open-Face Machining Makes it Easy to Save Time

VoluMill automatically determines the optimal cut angle and order of cuts to yield the shortest cycle time. This ensures that the last cut is at the full stepover value, minimizing the problems associated with cutting thin "posts" or "strips" of material.

Confidently Create Safe & Predictable Toolpaths

VoluMill can automatically adjust the toolpath to prevent a collision with a tool holder or tool shank, with separate clearance distances for holder and shank. Or, alternatively, VoluMill can determine the length of flute necessary to cut a particular part, so you can easily select an appropriate tool for the job.

Use Your Cutting-Tools More Efficiently

Because of VoluMill's patented methods for creating transition areas, and its intelligent toolpath design, you can cut deep fast, safely using the entire flute length of your tools.

VoluMill Offers Intelligent Slot and Side Milling

VoluMill is the only product available today that offers either side milling or a combination of side and slot milling. For many types of materials, letting VoluMill choose the fastest option of side milling or slot milling when necessary can reduce cycle times with no additional intervention from the user.

Automatically Reduce Tool-Shock

As recommended by leading tool manufacturers, VoluMill automatically reduces the feedrate as the cutting-tool enters the material, and safely brings it up to the target feedrate when appropriate. This intelligent feature in VoluMill reduces tool shock and extends the life of your cutting-tools.