Introducing workcenter™, Celeritive’s new flat rate, all-inclusive, productivity suite.

On-Demand Programming

Quickly create high-efficiency machining parameters that can be easily organized, stored, and shared for an On-Demand Programing™ environment.

One License for Everyone

Everyone can easily access workcenter™’s suite of applications from anywhere, on or off your network at anytime.

Everyone Gets Everything

workcenter™ includes the world’s best apps for producing high efficiency 2, 3 and 5-axis rough-milling, and rough-turning operations.

Convenient, and All-Inclusive

workcenter™’s user environment includes all of Celeritive’s proven science-based toolpath technologies including volumill™, voluturn™, airframe™, and nexion™ for 2, 3 and 5-axis milling and turning. This means every programmer always has convenient access to all of the tools they need to easily produce high-efficiency roughmilling and rough-turning programs.

Quickly Improve Productivity and Globalize New Machining Efficiencies.

Capture Critical Knowledge

Capture, organize and disseminate expert programming knowledge from your most experienced users.

Eliminate Skill Gaps

With convenient access to proven machining knowledge, new users can easily create expert machining programs that yield impressive results.

Portable Efficiency

workcenter™ makes it easy to deliver all of the necessary tools, expert-knowledge, and proven efficiencies to anyone, anywhere.

Eliminate Skill Gaps - Leverage On-Demand Programming™

Despite skill gaps and individual experience, workcenter™ can enhance productivity across a team of
programmers – ultimately creating a more consistent level of efficiency throughout an entire
organization. Workcenter™’s Auto-Logic™ and On-Demand Programming™ affords every programmer the
opportunity to contribute and learn more effectively. By capturing and promoting the use of known
machining efficiencies, programming is greatly simplified, requires less time, and eliminates
guesswork. By leveraging in-house proven machining logic, every programmer can benefit from each
other’s knowledge and quickly complete task-oriented requirements without having to spend time
determining the most efficient machining parameters.

Quick and Easy Adoption

workcenter™’s Auto-Logic™ programming eliminates guesswork by helping new users to quickly create
safe and efficient machining parameters. Once fine tuned on the machine tool, the logic is then
saved and added to a library of proven machining parameters for all programmers to benefit from.
workcenter™’s On-Demand programming greatly accelerates adoption, and quickly increases global

Cost Effective

Unlike shared network licensing, workcenter™ is designed for each individual user - eliminating the
need to share and wait for available licenses, or evaluate and manage intermittent usage requirements. With a
low-cost per-user license model, cost justifying workcenter is easy, even for occasional users.